February 13th, 2009



I've been sitting on this too, and I just can't sit anymore! Plus it's on the front page of her site.

Retroscope Fashions has designed a Casimira costume, complete with amazing Tricorn General's hat, in mini and full size versions!

This makes me die. I will be wearing this to some events, when I am not wearing the astonishingly lovely Palimpsest corset from Mayfaire Moon, which will be available on her site soon!

My book, slowly, through silk and song and rope and oil, becomes real...

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c is for cat

Pictures of Cat

I usually can't stand images of myself. I see only flaws. I see only how I might look if I ate less, or looked more like my beautiful siblings, or were younger.

But midnightstation made me look beautiful--so much so that I actually like to look at these. I'm terribly awkward while getting my picture taken, because I'm convinced I'll look awful and I'm wasting everyone's--but he was very patient with me. We did a shoot in NYC a few weeks ago as part of Project Being a Professional Author With Headshots, jaborwhalky 's brainchild.

I shyly offer a sampling of them up to the internet. Coming soon to a book jacket near you. (If anyone running an event or show featuring me wants to use these for publicity, they are up for grabs.)

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