February 9th, 2009


Scent and Sensibility

I've been sitting on this for a long time now, and as of today, I get to tell you.

I can hardly sit for the bouncing!

Starborn Alchemy has designed a line of perfumes based on Palimpsest.

You all know I'm a BPAL nut, but they're a big and busy company these days. When Starborn and I started brainstorming I was delighted--and hopeful, and a little scared, as I'd never tried their work before. Believe me when I tell you these are every bit as rich and fascinating as BPAL's products. Carlee is a wonderful artist.

The scents are: Casimira, The Trains of Heaven, Orlande's Salon, Ludovico, The House, Lyudmila, November, The Green Wind, and of course, Palimpsest. I'll let you click through to read the fabulous descriptions.

The really cool thing about his line is that they are thematically linked--notes recur and recombine, so that, even though there is everything here from foody to masculine-woodsy to spicy to earthy, they are very much a set. Like a novel, with motifs and themes. I love them.

November is probably my favorite single scent--it's full of honey and mango and oakmoss and mmm. But Casimira and Lyudmila have also become part of my regular rotation--for those of you who asked what I was wearing at Arisia, these are the ones. Lyudmila actually smells like complex chocolate on me.

Ah, perfume geek bliss! Please go, check out the scents, check out the gorgeous custom labels, and order! The vials are 10ml, so it's a great deal.

And above all, I want to read scent reviews and hear how everything smells on you! I've personally tested all of them, so if you have questions on specific notes, etc, feel free to ask in the comments.

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Lyceum to the Rescue

Thanks be to all angels, the Brooklyn Lyceum has come to our rescue and will be hosting the Palimpsest Launch Party on February 25th.

We will shortly be offering tickets online--unfortunately we do have to charge a door price to cover this space. We wish we didn't, but that's life in New York event planning. It's only $10, and I hope that doesn't keep anyone from attending. the upside is that this space will let us stay as long as we like, so we plan to have open dancing after the performances. Food and drink will be available.

In order to break even, we need at least 40 people to come. Since everyone involved is pretty short on money these days, breaking even is pretty imperative. We'd obviously like to see a lot more. So--get your friends together and come down on Wednesday night, we can promise an evening like nothing else you've experienced. Spread the word to the various communities that might be interested--literary, kink, Burning Man, folk music, etc.

If you want to be a vendor and your wares are at least somewhat thematically linked to the book, i.e. mythpunk, steampunk, Victoriana, etc, please contact me. If you are a performer and you'd like to share the stage, we have room for another act, so long as it's non-dance. If you're working on art for the show, keep in mind it must be in Maine by the 20th to appear at the Brooklyn event.

I have high hopes for this show and I hope those of you who can will make the trip. It'll be worth it, I promise.