February 5th, 2009


The World Is Certainly Full of Things

Hrm. I know y'all love Avatar, but the constant: Aang is awesome, everyone else sucks, especially that girl who should be made to apologize at least once an episode for whatever portion of her personality offended one of the boys--yeah, that's starting to piss me off. Aang is kind of a dick, most of the time. I wish this were the Apa show. He's the best part.

Anyway, I'm feeling better today. Still not well, but better. At least I finally slept. Go Team Immune System.

I hate how everything gets put on hold when you're sick. Work, plans, everything. Thank all available gods for omnisti , who is handling the NYC space crisis with energy I cannot summon up from the depths of phelgm.

Speaking of, if you're doing art for us, keep in mind it needs to be in Maine by the 20th to make it into the NYC show.

And if you have a minute, head over to Clarkesworld where they're having a reader's poll for best story--obviously I'd prefer if you clicked the ticky box for A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica.

The Locus Poll is up, too. Everyone has been asking what they can do to help me most right now. The answer is: pre-order Palimpsest from Amazon or a brick and mortar (yes, you can buy it from me, but the copies I sell do not get accounted the same way, and so it helps more in terms of selling the next book for you to buy it from traditional outlets), and vote in the Locus poll for A Buyer's Guide. The Locus Poll results in an actual award. (Unsurprisingly called the Locus Award.) You don't even have to be a subscriber.

Come to a show. Sign up for Omikuji. If you like what I write, these are the best and easiest ways to make sure I get to keep writing it. And thanks.
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Secrets of the Amazon Priesthood

I'm so curious as to how the Amazon ranking system actually works.

I know this is one of those voodoo do-not-question-us plebs are not allowed to know mysteries of the publishing world. Amazon, she guards her algorithms. But still.

Palimpsest is at 15,473 right now, presumably because s00j and I have both recently linked to it and with the Galapagos Crisis (that's a great band name) people are feeling generous.

How many orders would take it from 15k to 1k? Do you have a guess? I would think...10? 15? in the space of an hour might do it. I've been lead to believe the number requires is lower than it might seem.

This is not a please-buy-my-book entry--believe me, there have been and will be plenty of those. I'm just sick and immobile and deeply math-curious. I assume the spike in numbers is from LJ readers, for example, which is probably silly.

Raise your hand if you've pre-ordered a copy in the last 24 hours, or if you do any time today. So strange, the ways of wizards...

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c is for cat

Weird Schedules

So, I have to go to Portsmouth on Saturday for a radio interview. Yay radio!

Downside: radio interview ends around 1 am.

Extra downside: no ferries running till 7:30 the next morning.

So...anyone want to come up and party in Portsmouth?
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