February 4th, 2009

baby got hack

Fellas! Fellas! Has Your Girlfriend Got the Tib?

I'm a pretty ruggedly healthy person. Growing up Christian Scientist, you kind of have to be. You're not getting any medical attention either way, so healthy is a good evolutionary move.

So I'm not sick all that often.

Believe me when I say this flu is kicking my ass. I haven't been this sick in forever. I have a high fever and haven't slept all night despite melatonin. Hot flashes, cold flashes, splitting headache, running nose, and a little bit of throwing up to round it out. I'm a freaking NyQuil commercial.

Sibyl wants die.

Of course this happens when I'm on the home stretch of a novel due next week. Of course it does.


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Shit. The Galapagos Art Space just canceled on us for no apparent reason for the Palimpsest launch on 2.25.

Anyone have any ideas for a replacement space in NYC? One large enough to contain a big audience and several acts?