February 3rd, 2009

c is for cat


This is to give a last reminder to everyone:

The Palimpsest dinner at Jack, the occasional restaurant in Brooklyn run by the writers of Habeas Brulee, on March 14th, is going to open up to the public soon. This is your last chance to buy in and fill up the event with Folks In the Know.

Go here to get your tickets!
Believe me, you want to. I've been getting bits and pieces of the menu, and it's astonishing. It will be an evening to remember.

In other news, I am sick as anything today. Woke up at four am with a stabbing cough and everything's been downhill since. I feel like death. I'M EVEN TALKING IN CAPS.

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We went tokythryne's Introvert Party in New Hampshire over the weekend--NH is so beautiful, and everything is frozen, all these rivers and lakes that are packed with ice, so much ice it breaks and jumbles and freezes again. New England is love.

Anyway, the party was wonderful--and packed. Lots of fabulous people doing their own thing, lots of great conversation--and kythryne spinning yarn from wool, which is literally the most soothing and calming sound ever invented in the history of the world. Also spinning is tech.

On top of all that,emilytheslayer taught me to knit. Sort of. She's a super-good teacher, and everything was fine while I was there, with people to help and answer questions, but of course the minute I was all: I'll knit in the car on the way home and it will be awesome and I will make a scarf! I was hit with an attack of the dumb. I seem to be having a lot of trouble starting new rows, and mess it up when I try to the point where I don't even know what I did wrong to fix it and try to learn via online videos about the whole starting a row thing. Grr.

So I went to Central Yarn Co. in Portland (which is the most adorable city ever, by the way) on the way home, to get nice wool instead of acrylic yuck,which I bought for 99 cents in case I hated knitting. The old guy who runs it told me they'd been around 60 years, and commenced a tale of how he used to get in his brokedown truck back in '49 and drive up Highway 1, there being no I-95 in those days, and stop at all the mills to get yarn. They're all gone now, he says, to Switzerland and England and France. But right when I thought he was going to complain about the loss of American jobs, he laughs and says that our mills would have put the Dark Ages to shame, and were completely obsolete, and go Switzerland.

He then gives me 30% off for coming in on Super Bowl Sunday. It was a lovely experience and I got some great peacock, pumpkin, and cobalt-colored wool (and some alpaca!) yarn. The lady there helped me fix my row--which I immediately messed up again on the ferry. So I'm stuck again. They have classes, but the ferry and the upcoming book tour makes it a bit tough. On the other hand, if you work with their yarn, they'll teach you during the day anytime. So when I am not ill...I will walk a mile in the snow to the knitting shop.

So, knitting. Yes, like jewelry-making, it is the official geek-girl past-time. I still wish fiber arts weren't so gender-segregated. (I was glad to see a guy at the party, also spinning.) But I really like it and want to do it but it's very hard with no one to help me here. I like doing things with my hands, especially with all the road trips, and am trying to learn new craftinesses. I'm hoping the island craft night people will have skills and be willing to help me, if I'm not too sick. I'm impatient, and want to play with string noooow. I have IDEAS! I want to IMPLEMENT! But I am stymied.

It's probably a good thingjustbeast  is out of work, or I'd be buying a spinning wheel.
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