January 30th, 2009


St. Horsehoof's Home for Wayward Writers

Wow. I just got my first application for the writers' workshop that doesn't actually exist yet. That is beyond awesome.

Some progress has been made on that front. Most importantly, it has been christened St. Horsehoof's Home for Wayward Writers, as the Casco in Casco Bay means horsehoof in Spanish. Opening night bonding activity for every class will be to write an episode in the life of St. Horsehoof. His or her legend will grow in stature over what I hope is many years!

The first one, if all goes well, will occur in April 2010. Since I'm getting married in November this year, September didn't seem feasible. I know that spring makes it hard for some people--please understand it is literally impossible to do this in the summer. Peaks Island's population quintuples and all the hotel rooms are expensive and more importantly booked. This must be done in the off-season, there is no choice.

We will try to keep the cost of the workshop under $500 per participant. There will be no scholarships the first year, but if it continues, I hope to have one scholarship slot.

There will be 6 invitation slots (for pros and semi-pros) and 2 submission slots (for really talented newcomers). If that number works, it may increase in subsequent years. I, and possibly the guest lecturers if they want to, will be making the selections. I would love to have a partner in that, of course, but I don't ask anyone else to do it. Please do not put "But We're Friends" pressure on me to secure a slot--it makes kittens cry.

I'll be opening for submissions officially at the end of summer 2009, hopefully with a lot more information.

Incidentally, we also have a bunkhouse in our backyard with four summer-camp style bunkbeds. (Seriously.) Anyone want to come up and play camp this summer? I promise at least 50% fewer handsy counselors than actual summer camp.
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