January 28th, 2009


Goblin Workshop

jimhines and I are running the writers' workshop at Penguicon. (That's in Detroit-area Michigan, kids. Don't be a-feared. A whole lot of places are starting to look like Detroit these days. Get your post economic-apocalypse training in now!)

Goblins, fairy tales, and magical sex. For a good time, call us.

Two mornings of workshoppy goodness. (Probably 9 am - Noon, Saturday and Sunday.)

From the Penguicon site:

May 1-3 Penguicon will be hosting a Writer's Workshop led by Jim C. Hines and Catherynne M. Valente.

Due to space limitations, only 15 spots are available on a first come first served basis to New and Unpublished writers in the genre fiction field. Submissions are now OPEN!

Submissions should be no more than 5000 words, either a short story or the opening of a novel. Submissions should be e-mailed to jchines42 -at- hotmail.com. Stories must be received by March 15.

Submissions should be sent as RTF attachments documents in standard manuscript format. See http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html Yes, this is a test.

Stories will be e-mailed to all participants before the convention. Everyone is expected to have read and prepared a critique for the other participants' work. If you'd like more info on critiquing see http://www.sfwa.org/writing/turkeycity.html

For more info on the pros leading this workshop see their web sites at www.jimchines.com and www.catherynnemvalente.com.

Think of it as a preview of the Casco Bay Workshop. (Which has a new name.) But you have to come to Penguicon to get the sexy goblin working for you.

(If you miss this one, I'm also teaching at the Wiscon workshop, though you'll have to request me there, and might not get me even if you do. This one is a guarantee of hot Cat critiquing action.)

BTW, who's up for a Logan's Run themed multi-human birthday party at Penguicon? I'm turning 30, mishamish  is turning...let's call it 30, because I don't know and I just assume everyone's my age until proven otherwise, and blazepoet  is turning 29. At least. I see a fiery ritual of Carousel in our future...

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Writing about my old life in Japan...sometimes my heart breaks for the girl I used to be. I want to hug her and promise her it won't last. That someday the world won't look so lonely and awful anymore.That someday I'll write her a book that will make it all mean something.

But that yellow dog will still be cuddled up at her feet, even after she moves to Maine.
you suck

The Ice Storm in 3 Seconds

I showed justbeast  The Ice Storm last night, a film with too many awesome actors in it for two hours of screen time (also watching Spiderman read and critique a Fantastic Four comic is gold). If you know your catvalente, you might recall the novel on which the movie is based as the book that was so depressing it made me want to kill all my neighbors and then myself last year. I stopped reading it. Jesus, Rick Moody. Cheer the fuck up. And I say that as an avowed Sylvia Plath fan. But none of that that means Sigourney Weaver is not terrifyingly fabulous or that Christina Ricci is not a marvelous little demon child in this movie. Nor does it stop me from wanting to call all my friends "Charles."


I would like to sum up The Ice Storm for you, in one easy sentence:

Every time a rich, white, disaffected suburbanite has sex outside of marriage, God electrocutes a hobbit.


Seriously, though. Even if your spouse says it's ok to hit that like a Jeopardy buzzer, God will totally kill your child. The wages of key parties are death.

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A Note on Omikuji

Thank you, everyone who has signed up for the Omikuji Project this month, and who have stood by it over the last year. Fear not--it will keep going when this cycle is complete.

If you're new, please don't forget to join omikuji_project  so you can have fun over there.

Words cannot express my love and debt to you all. Omikuji is currently our only source of income while I am between book contracts and my Beast has been laid off, and I am intensely grateful. Know that you are keeping us going.

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