January 26th, 2009


It's Ovar!

Finally home after 10 days in Boston and New York. Completely exhausted. My reserves of sparkle, politeness, cope, and stability are pretty low. This is something most people don't realize--cons take everything out of me, and two in a week require a huge amount of energy. When it's gone, it's gone.

It's like...you go to your favorite restaurant and have an awesome meal that you remember for days. But your waitress was on the last leg of a double shift and her boyfriend just broke up with her and she really needs a cigarette...but it's her job to make sure you never know.

I've been thinking of things in terms of point systems a lot lately, due to gamer-proximity (and, you know, being one). And at cons a spend a lot of points buying up my Sparkle stat, which leaves little left for Taking Care of Body, Modulating Stress, Eating Healthily, Sleeping Well, and Not Burning Out. This is why I'm often useless after a con. Only I can't be this week--much work to do.

Fortunately, Vericon is deeply awesome. It's like a relaxacon except with great guests and super-intelligent panels and a small, brilliant audience. It was a small recharge and I'll definitely attend again--and so should all of you! I even got to bond with Kim Stanley Robinson a wee little bit over being from Davis and having gone to UCSD.

But now? I am fully dead from cons.

Too bad the book tour starts in three weeks. I so desperately need to soak up home and Beast and stability...before it's all gone again.

Ragged Cat is ragged.

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