January 21st, 2009



Last reminder:

I'm reading at KGB tonight at 7:30! Please come! 

And don't forget, the first two people to find me with maps drawn on them will get prizes.

I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear what I was planning to, though...
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tara--base by delirieuse

Anything Colored Indigo Is Splendid

Some of you know how much I love The Pillow Book--it is, hands down, my favorite film. It makes me feel like I fail every day to be half as awesome as that flick, and yet, I'm ok with that, because I can watch it over and over, and participate in its glory.

So it might be no surprise that I have...a thing...for writing on skin. You know, it's not in any of my books or anything. Sometimes I dream about pretty people letting me write books on them and photograph it all and doing a novel that way.

Occasionally, one of my friends lets me be a rock star and autograph their bodies. I LOVE this. 25% because it is a totally rock star thing, and 75% because I get to write on skin. I have never really understood the appeal of autographs--if I have a signed book it usually has meaning because of what the writer wrote to me personally on it, not because they signed it. 

But I totally dig autographing bodies. It's temporary, mono-no-aware style, and beautiful (I have superb semi-calligraphic handwriting), and the memory of it lasts much longer for signer and signee than ink on a page. In my head, it makes a person a book, which is so personal and gorgeous.

But I am not really brave enough to offer up my body to the writers I love. I can't bring myself to ask--fear of looking foolish, and certainty I would look like a weird fan and couldn't get across the depth of meaning I see there.

I have regular failures of bravery. I'm at peace with this one, though. Instead of dwelling on that, I'm writing this post so that the meaning I see will be plain.

Which is all just to say that yakavenger  and babymonkey  are awesome, because they let me sign them.

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