January 16th, 2009


Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Heading to Arisia in a couple of hours.

My reading is at Saturday at 11 am in the BU Suite--other than that find me at a million panels!

Don't forget to wear map body art to the reading (or signing on Sunday at 11 in the Crow's Nest) to win a free, brand-new Nintendo DS!

I hope the last part of my costume arrives this morning...

I'll also be at Vericon next weekend and reading at KGB in NYC on the 21st (7:30pm). The first two people to find me at that reading wearing a map (can be Sharpie, is ok) get shiny prizes.

Yes, I am trying to make you show up. Readings can be boring. I'm trying many things to make mine not, including bribery. I'm not proud.
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Calling All Sneaky Folk!


If anyone wants to be a Palimpsest minion at Arisia, I have a Task that needs doing. Custom jewelry, a kiss on the cheek, and 1337 points are yours for the volunteering!
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