January 12th, 2009



Through a long and complicated series of events, I have come to be in possession of a brand new silver Nintendo DS, sealed in the box.

I and the Beast already have ones of our own. So what to do with this bounty? Most of our friends already have them or wouldn't want them.

Answer: Palimpsest Contest!

Come to my reading at Arisia on Saturday at 11 am or my signing on Sunday at 11 am. Be decorated, in any way you like, with a map on your skin. body paint, Sharpie, glitter, spangles, watercolors, papier mache, however you want to interpret it.

The most beautiful one gets the DS.

If you partner up with a friend to make a Mercator Projection or anything of that sort, decide beforehand who gets to take home the prize.

Final judgment (and impromptu map fashion show, I'd imagine) will be made at my signing on Sunday at 11. There may even be a prize for second place.

If one random person shows up with a ballpoint squiggle on their arm, I reserve the right to withdraw the DS. Try to make it at least a little awesome.

See you at Arisia!

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