January 9th, 2009

Lost Girl

And a Good Morning to You, Too

justbeast was laid off this morning.

I'm honestly not sure what else to say but that. He's fine and optimistic, looking for new jobs already, and his cheerful mood is the only thing keeping me upright at the moment. I hate myself that I can't support my family in his place. Useless Cat is useless.

So...um. Anybody want to buy a novel? I have a bunch sitting around here. Seriously.

Now's the time, this may shortly be the end of the full-time writer thing. I hope not, I really really hope not, but I grew up poor, I am pre-disposed to being realistic. My brain immediately goes into Depression mode: cancel the wedding, shorten the tour, find some way to conserve heating oil, there's still goose fat in the freezer from Christmas...I tend to overreact; my whole psyche has always been waiting to starve again. We won't starve, but I'm scared.

Also, I'm available for any freelancing, fiction, non-fiction, speaking engagements, graphic design, book trailer design, statistical work, research, data entry, anything. I can do a lot. I can even pick fruit.

If you have any leads on programming jobs, a justbeast  is very nice. Please contact him, or me.

The Omikuji Project is still going, too. More subscribers would be a blessing.

I go hide now.

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