January 8th, 2009


Come On Over

We are leaving Cleveland tomorrow. For anyone who hasn't seen us yet, we'll be at theferrett 's house tonight, making cupcakes, watching movies, and hoping to see you.
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Critical Hit

We're all sitting around playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, and amid the following exchange:

"Stop being a jerk! Let me hit you!" 

"Right, because what we really need is more civility in our Mortal Kombat."

A beautiful thing was born in my brain:

Pride and Kombat

The big, bellowing announcer calls out:





And then Mr. Darcy gets 10% damage by ignoring her, and Emma fires her Gossip Beams for critical hits. Mrs. Bennet the Elder elbow-clocks Lydia in the jaw before strangling her with a bonnet. Mr. Knightley attacks Mr. Collins with Bedroom Eyes and backhands him through the post-apocalyptic halls of Pemberley.


Emma suffocates Mr. Darcy with a breathlessly written letter declaring her love, shoves it down his throat, and roundhouse kicks him in the face. FATALITY.

There is no reason this thing should not spontaneously spring into being simply by the power of awesomeness.
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