January 5th, 2009


Something Old, Something New

Two big announcements for the first workday of the new year!

First--we have finally begun the Orphan's Tales podcast. Recorded at theferrett 's house a few months back, this is a live recording of me reading the entire thing. I'll be posting chunks every Sunday night, so when you wake up Monday morning, there will be a little Cat in your computer, telling you stories.

I'm not charging anything for this. I just can't justify it--I want you all to hear this, I don't want money to be a gatekeeper to finally getting to read you this book. But there is a tip jar. justbeast 's labor is only free because I have a cute smile. I'm also thinking of doing a "director's commentary" style thing every four casts or so. I have so many thoughts about this book, two years on. Anyway.

Listen. I want to tell you a story.

Second, the Palimpsest trailer is finally done! I made it myself, so don't laugh. And if at all possible, watch it in high quality. Please feel free to post this anywhere you like. More video fun will be coming in the next weeks before the book comes out. Nothing about Palimpsest is safe for work, but this conforms to YouTube ToC--no breasts or bits. Nevertheless, I warn you: flesh ahead.

I would flop at the end of weekend work, but I have two more deadlines looming. Back to the mines!

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For those of you who have fallen in love with the song on the Palimpsest trailer, it is Shangri-La, by S.J. Tucker, the phenomenal s00j , not written specifically for the book, but so perfect for it that it will be included on the album.

The full album will be released alongside the book, on February 24th. There is a way to hear them earlier, but I'll let you find it. ;)

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Thoughts, Acquistive, Hive Mind Request

I'm researching wine for a short story--WAY too much to know!--and I keep thinking...what would it take, money-wise, for me to taste a Lafite-Rothschild? I'm not asking for a stellar vintage or a famous bottle, hell, I don't need a bottle, I'll take a glass. (And yeah, I know I'm not getting that by the glass, but, you know, if you're opening a bottle, look me up.)

What would it cost me to have some? Can it really be that good? Have any of you tried that sort of top-top-shelf wine?

I've discovered that acquiring upper-crust cultural things is not nearly as hard or expensive as it seems most of the time. Caviar, for example, can be had on the cheap from hole in the wall Russian markets. So I wonder if there is some way for me to get this into my mouth.

Ahem. Didn't come out right.

Incidentally, does anyone know what kind of wines they would offer up at that level of wine tasting?
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It Takes a Village to Raise a Book

There are so many people working together to help Palimpsest come into the world right now, to make it a success. Some of them, but surely not all of them, realize how vital it is that this book be a success, since the economic climate has made it an extremely hostile publishing world for writers of unorthodox fiction. It makes me want to cry, to see the effort and love poured into this pulpy child of mine.

Life really does take a village--and we, online, ephemeral, are that village. When one of us is sick, we grab a bucket and run to help. When one of us is heartbroken, we put our hands out to heal them. And when one of us writes a book, it would seem that her village cares deeply enough to festoon it with baubles and beauty on its way into the world, to dig in and help with the infrastructure and background work that hardly anyone sees. There are no words for that kind of help, it is a blessing beyond blessings.

That I have not had to do this alone, that so many people have done so much, slays me dead. And I've been thinking about that tonight, as I've been nauseous and not working, just watching that trailer go up on so many journals, and knowing what else is to come.

Thank you, all of you. Six weeks and counting.


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