January 2nd, 2009


Pumpkin Spice Win

gafizal  came over tonight with a Christmas present for me. Guess what it was?

One of these babies. Boo ya.

Some of you know how much I love pumpkin spice lattes. They are no longer much in my life, as there are no Starbucks on the island, and with any luck never will be. We still have our local Lisa-owned Peaks Cafe which brews coffee roasted just across the bay--but their espresso machine broke and they aren't getting a new one. So there was no pumpkin for Cat.

Some of you may also know that you can't get this stuff for love nor money. Well, money--up to $100 on ebay, because the Bux won't sell it at any price. They are specifically instructed not to and there is no barcode for purchase on the jug.

Well, gafizal  sweet talked a barista into selling him some, which is damn impressive, as the combined powers of me, my winning smile, and my cleavage have never managed to get any (I feel like Pooh after his hunny) from anybody. Conclusion: gafizal  is awesome and scary-convincing, and I am thrilled with my present.

Especially since my mom bought us an espresso machine for Christmas! Great success! *does a shimmying pumpkiny dance*

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January/February Travel

So. It is to note the following.

I'll be reading at KGB in the big city on January 21st at 7:30 pm. Please, please come! I'll be reading from the new novel and hopefully wearing something heretofore secret and awesome.

I am also trying something special for this reading. I have two special prizes which are at the moment secret--they're fabulous, I promise. The first two people who come to the reading with maps drawn on their skin--simple maps, with a Sharpie, anywhere you are comfortable showing me in a crowded bar--find me, and show me their ink will get the prizes.

I'll be at Arisia and Vericon on the weekends bookending that reading. And at Wicked Faire in February. The Wicked Faire thing has developed rapidly--I have to be in NYC to do the Hour of the Wolf at 4 am on Saturday the 21st, then in NJ for the con by mid-morning. Oof. Then official Palimpsest launch party in New York on Ash Wednesday, the 25th. For which we do not yet have a venue, but are working on it.

I am promising myself that amid all this travel and work, I will find a way to be zen and calm and happy, and remember that I live an amazing life, and not be irritated with the logistics of that life.

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