January 1st, 2009


Death to You, Sir.

Holy fucking shit. I don't like to start the new year posting swearyness, but this cannot stand.

Mellel is the worst piece of shit software ever. It's a word processor for Mac. If you download a trial rather than pirating it as I clearly should have done, not only will it pop up a window ever half hour telling you to buy it, but if your trial expires you will not be able to export your files or even copy/paste their contents until you buy the software.

Meaning, if you wrote something in Mellel and then decided not to buy it, as I did, because of the obnoxious pop up window and not-great user friendliness, the work is effectively lost. I have to retype every word of a three thousand word document now because Mellel wanted to be an asshole about it. You can't even copy/paste within a Mellel document. And since it saves in a proprietary format, one not readable by any other softare ever, you cannot ever work with anything you wrote in Mellel again unless you pay their blood money.

Fuck you, RedleX. That is some bullshit right there. You're a software pirate's dream--too annoying to pay for.

Please do not ever buy this software.

Edit from justbeast : Ok, it looks like Mellel stored its files in a xml + gzipped binary format. Some emacs work later, it should be good to go for you; you don't have to retype.

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