December 29th, 2008


Hello Cleveland

We've arrived in Cleveland--no snow, familiar HUGE highways, and theferrett and zoethe 's house. It feels mildly weird to be a visitor, staying with friends, rather than living here. justbeast 's cousin moved into our house and it's completely different now, oddly like when parents turn their kid's room into a gym the minute they move out of the house. It's a little Twilight Zone. It's simultaneously hard to believe it's been only two months and yet hard to believe I ever lived here. Such is moving away.

There was a time when pulling into Orange Village, across the brick road patch, filled me with happiness. I wanted to be here, to live here. I had icons about Cleveland and the people I loved here. (I might still. Should probably delete them at this point.) Now it just makes me sad. Too much pain suffered in one place. But at the same time, I've missed my friends so. I'm used to this combination of feelings, I guess, I've been moving around most of my life, but still. Bleh.

We're here til the 9th, so if you want to get together, drop me a line.
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Save Our Sooj!


A community to raise money to pay S.J. Tucker's rising medical bills. I've posted an item for auction there--a main character named after the highest bidder in my next novel. I will probably never do such a thing again, as I choose names for my characters incredibly carefully. But there's nothing I wouldn't do for s00j , and I hope this brings in some money for her. If there's anything else y'all would like to see up there for purchase, feel free to suggest them--I want to be able to put up anything I can for this woman who has brought so much goodness and wonder into my life. I might have another Palimpsest ARC floating around.

Check it out--there are lots of cool things for sale, including Sooj albums and all manner of things.

Speaking of auctions, I need the helpvera  auction winners to email me their addresses so I can send out their prizes! They're ready to go, I just need your info!

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