December 14th, 2008

c is for cat


Ok, we cave. Too cold, too dark. Power reportedly not on till midweek.

We're going to New York. regyt and novalis  are taking us in like poor ragged kittens.

See some of you there?

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modern lit

Snippet from New Book

This is the darling of the writing I did on the drive from Maine to Brooklyn, of which I am utterly enamoured. It's from Monogatari, one of my current works-in-progress. I wanted to share. *Does the dance of happy words*

In America, this is how the world was made: In the beginning, certainly no later than the Planck epoch, was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was a high-density pre-baryogensis singularity. Darkness lay over the deep and God moved upon the face of the hyperspatial matrix. He separated the firmament from the quark-gluon plasma and said: let there be particle/anti-particle pairs, and there was light. He created the fish of the sea and the fruits of the trees, the moon and the stars and the beasts of the earth, and to these he said: Go forth, be fruitful and mutate. And on the seventh day, the rest mass of the universe came to gravitationally dominate the photon radiation, hallow it, and keep it.

God, rapidly redshifting, hurriedly formed man from the dust of single-celled organisms, called him Adam, and caused him to dwell in the Garden of Eden, to classify the beasts according to kingdom, phylum and species. God forbade Man only to eat from the Tree of Meiosis. Adam did as he was told, and as a reward God instructed him in the ways of parthenogenesis. Thus was Woman born, and called Eve. Adam and Eve dwelt in the pre-quantum differentiated universe, in a paradise without wave-particle duality. But interference patterns came to Eve in the shape of a Serpent, and wrapping her in its matter/anti-matter coils, it said: eat from the Tree of Meiosis and your eyes will be opened. Eve protested that she would not break covenant with God. But the Serpent answered: fear not, for you float in a random quantum-gravity foam, and from a single bite will rise an inexorable inflation event, and you will become like unto God, expanding forever outward.

And so Eve ate from the Tree, and knew that she was a naked child of divergent universes. She took the fruit to Adam, and said unto him: there are things that I understand and you do not. And Adam was angry. He snatched the fruit from Eve and devoured it, and from beyond the cosmic background radiation, God sighed, for all physical processes are reversible in theory—but not in practice. Man and Woman were expelled from the Garden, and a flaming sword was placed through the Gates of Eden as a reminder that the universe would now contract, and someday perish in an entropic conflagration, only to increase in density, burst, and expand again, causing further high velocity redistributions of serpents, fruit, men, women, helium-3, lithium-7, deuterium, and helium-4.
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NYC Things

Anyone want to do a writing date tomorrow in Brooklyn/Manhattan?

Also, please comment here in general if you want to get together while we're here.
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