December 10th, 2008


The Earth Certainly Is Full of Things

Thanks to everyone for their questions on epic fantasy and worldbuilding--I think I'm going to do a big post to answer all the ones that didn't get into the column I was writing.

Oh! I have fine posture right now! And also sleeves that go just over the lower rise of my thumb, which makes me feel elegant. I got two warm shirts in the mail today that I ordered on account of awesome, and also low-cut warmfs, as my new favorite cat macro spells it. One has a dragon on it, the tail of whom wraps around my waist, the other has a phoenix.

Last night, I stood out in the snow by the graveyard and made my own wreath of Maine forest cuttings, holly and bittersweet from my own backyard, and didn't even injure myself. Well, ok, that's not true. Pine needles are pokey and ouch, and my hands itched all night. But the wreath is HUGE and gorgeous and best of all free. I R HARDCORE MAINER. A little.

I worked down at Peaks Cafe this morning, which has new 50s vintage tables and a stupidly delicious chicken waldorf wrap which I chomped for lunch. I got my workout in first thing and got a ton of writing done. I feel productive for the first time in awhile.

As far as Christmas, should any of you lose your mind and want to get me anything, I have an Amazon list, which is almost entirely books. There are a few things I look at longingly online: this necklace, which I love but can't really justify, these, which I lust for passionately so that I can go to FaerieWorlds for the first time in style, this guy in black, various crafting supplies for my own projects (have decided to learn to knit! Which I'm told means I need these), and big stuff like a Sony eReader and a Flip. But all that stuff is pretty expensive and I don't even expect presents from my family most years. I'm saving for justbeast  presents and a few Clevelander gifts. I'm happy that norilana 's house is safe, that I get both a Christmas in Maine and to go home to snuggle my very missed friends in Cleveland. I'm very happy that my step-cat seems to have fallen in love with me and follows me everywhere I go. If I were to ask Santa, it would be to put some book contracts in my stocking.

As I do every year, I offer--if there is anything in my power to get you, do for you, or somehow manifest for you, don't hesitate to ask. Sometimes I can make it happen.

And lastly, Twitter is addictive and should be killed for the good of the world.

Oh! Lastly lastly, this utterly amazing article which is percolating through my brain: The Art of Mutilation (Warning: frank discussion of anorexia, body modification, addiction, and BDSM follow.)
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