December 5th, 2008


An Evening At Home

I had a rather lovely evening.

justbeast  had work to do, so I watched 30 Rock on Netflix, which is directly responsible for me not buying hundreds of dollars worth of TV season DVDs, and therefore, while I am grateful, I do not understand why studios allowed them to do it. But I can't wait for them to get more content up.

Anyway, I watched 30 Rock, made jewelry, had lobster bisque for dinner, talked toscathedobsidian  andpretendpeterpan  on the new Google video chat, and am settling in for another episode and a glass of blueberry port, having put all my jewelry supplies away and gathered together care packages for two friends. Yesterday I finished a short story the title of which has been floating in my head for three years, after fierce labor pains and much hott furrowed brow action. Tonight, in the midst of bisque and Swarovski crystals, the editor for whom it was written said he loved it.

So despite not seeing my boy all evening, I feel rather homey and warm and accomplished.

Also, last night I went out drinking with my landlord's sister and a girl I met at the local craft night at the island Amercian Legion where I danced to t.A.T.u. and drank a lot of Campari...type things. And stumbled home in the cold, counting the stars and the roaming cats.

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Helping Vera

Vera Nazarian, a publisher who has stood by me since my first novel, who put A Guide to Folktales in Fragile Dialects into the world, is about to lose her house, like so many others.

There is a community, helpvera . Her story, which just shows how close most of us are to disaster, is here. I've donated. Please help her out if you can, because she has had no end of bad luck, because with the big publishers crashing we have to make sure the small ones survive, because if one thing is true of our community, it's that we can make astonishing things happen.

If there is anything you guys would be interested in that I can auction for her, post a comment. I have ARCs, signed editions, juvenalia, unpublished mss, I make shiny things--I could record an audio version of any of your favorite short pieces. Let me know what you want--if it results in a donation for her, I'll do it. Vera has been a force for good for a lot of people. Sometimes you just need a helping hand.

ETA: Auction items here. If there's something else you're interested in, let me know. I do have an extra Palimpest ARC.


Home Is Where You Hang Your...Vintage Stockings?

I finally got around to taking pictures of our house, which is unpacked and hobbity. Not quite ready for saucydwellings , probably, but we love it. It is full of books and sometimes people, and dogs. And a cat.

Also something is afoot with our camera, so a couple of these shots are slightly blurry. My apologies. They're not too big, so I haven't used a cut. You will live to scroll another day.

To refresh the collective online memory, this is the outside:

And now the inside, a month later, at night.

Our living room, taken from the dining room doorway. Throw pillows sent to us by rosefox  and sinboy  from Singapore, awesome wall masks from Japan, Hawaii, and Uganda. We are very small and poor imperialists. Yes, that is Headless St. Francis by the window. He keeps beasties away. It's like when you hire hackers to run your security. Hire demonic statuary to keep evil at bay.

Living room from the other side. Chair rescued from the Scary Closet (tm) and restored by me. I even did upholstery repair!

Our dining room, set for Thanksgiving. Super stealth golden retriever sold separately. Grr, blurry. The camera is stuck on some weird setting.

Thanksgiving dinner at ours! Port-glazed goose, banana curried vegetables, cranberry-Chambord compote, maple drop biscuits, and many, many cookies.

Dining room, taken from the sideboard. That's our awesome built in china cabinet, and my shelf of Things Published With My Name On Them. A Mythopoeic Award makes an awesome bookend. Just sayin'.

Our bedroom is actually kind of huge, so I'm just posting two pics rather than trying for every angle, as it has a bunch of nooks and crannies and angles and New England eaves. This is our Bed of Awesome, which I bought with all my own money after the last Orphan's Tales book came out. Which makes it the Bed Built with Books. Golden Retriever likes to be photographed. This was taken approximately five minutes after the dining room shot.

Sigh. This shot is all funny looking, but it's my favorite corner of the house. Right next to our bed, the wall makes a little alcove, and it's a small additional writing space that makes me feel like Jane Eyre. I have lots of spaces I write in in our house--avoiding official writing spaces and then returning to them like an adulterous spouse is a key part of my process. I think Elizabeth Bishop said that she'd never written anything good where she was supposed to be writing it.

justbeast  and I share an office. This is his half. The collages on the wall were made by me as gifts for him over the years. That's a map of Peaks Island and a Pilot's Certificate from our sailing trip down the Mississippi. The golden retriever has the power to morph into a german shepherd.

This is my half. Almost everything on the wall is a map in this room, actually. That is indeed a Tardis on the desk, along with Ganesh, a turtle, and Mickey Mouse. My icons and fell and strange. Over the desk is a 17th c. map of the Great Lakes, Professor Nyalarthotep, a print of the Cartographer, which is, yes, a Magic Card but also makes me think of Palimpsest, and one of haikujaguar 's Balance Cards, the Paladin. In the center are Buddha's Eyes.

Our kitchen, in the midst of Omikuji assemblage. (Omikuji are awesome winter-type holiday gifts, by the way.)

Our kitchen from the other angle, with a Cat in Pajamas Who Has Just Burned Herself With Sealing Wax. Also a stripey slugcat not in pajamas who colonized the pizza box and snarled when we tried to retake it. And the last appearance of the stealth retriever, who reverted to her natural form.

And that's our little house! Not pictured: the guest room, unless yakavenger  gives us permission to post the pic of it that has a yak in. A surprise for you all when you come to visit!
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The Awesomenes of Our New Home

This is still boggling my mind.

I dropped into the cafe this morning, where everyone knew my name and greeted me with delight. The owner tucked some free just-made rum balls into my lunch, and gave us the number of some locals who had fresh scallops.

Fast forward: a couple lives down by the water with six cats and two lovebirds, they're fishermen and carpenters, and they hauled in scallops from the channel just offshore from the island that morning, and the wife shucked them all day. For a sweet price we got enormous scallops that were alive this morning just off our front yard, brought them home and seared them with snow peas in a mango-ginger-blueberry teriyaki glaze. Oh my god, you guys.

The scallop couple? Say they're sick to death of pan-seared scallops for dinner, and dream of PBnJ.

Now if only I could get some raw milk, my local food underground I-know-a-guy-who-knows-a guy life will be complete.
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I put up a signed hard copy of my as-yet-unpublished surrealist Arthuriana-in-California novel Under in the Mere for auction in the helpvera community. This is a book unavailable in any fashion except on my hard drive.

I also offered up a piece of custom made jewelry. I don't offer either of these things often or lightly, so if you want to snap them up, bid here.

upstart_crow  is auctioning her copy of my Ghosts of Gunkanjima book from Papaveria Press. There are only 20 of those in existence.

Oh, and there's also a Palimpsest ARC.