December 4th, 2008

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I Often Dream of Trains

I have a bunch of things to announce today. They are so awesome I might fall over just listing them.

So, that glasses-wearing surprise on the Palimpsest tour? Most of you probably guessed it--it's S.J. Tucker! We are teaming up again for a truly epic tour. s00j  is working on Palimpsesty songs as we speak, and our fearsome reading-concerts are hitting the road once more. We'll be beginning in New York on February 25th (Ash Wednesday--still looking for a venue) and ending sometime in April.

Confirmed Dates:

February 28th: Between Books, on the Delaware side of Philadelphia, 7pm
March 7th: Pandemonium Books, Boston, 7pm

March 14th: This is something so amazing I've been bursting to tell you for ages. Jack , the phenomenal Brooklyn occasional restaurant run by the owner of Habeas Brulee and her partner, is hosting a Palimpsest evening! Food inspired by the book, cooked by two truly gifted and creative people--this is as close to a night in the city of Palimpsest as you can get. Visit their website for reservations! s00j  will sadly not be in attendance, but justbeast  and I will be there! Seriously, there is really no better food on this earth. The fact that they're taking inspiration from my book makes me, giant foodie, a little faint.

March 16th:
Mac's Backs Books, Cleveland, OH, 7pm

And then comes the really huge thing. 

Some of you know already that trains are a huge part of Palimpsest. I am personally obsessed with them, and the trains of Palimpsest are...let's call them sentient biomechanoids, shall we? Well, bringing the fictional world and the real world as close as possible is kind of what we do. So.

s00j  and I (and omnisti  and justbeast ) are taking the City of New Orleans train from Chicago to New Orleans, March 19th to March 23rd. We'll begin in Chicago with a show there on the 18th, and then board the train in the magical hall of Union Station, which inspired Colophon Station in Palimpsest. We'll while away the miles singing, reading, dancing, talking, and playing a strange and wonderful game involving the maps of Palimpsest. We will be the soul of the train. We'll arrive in NOLA and paint the town a hundred colors on Friday night, concluding our trip with a show on Saturday.

And you can come with us.

omnisti  has scared up a great deal from Amtrak--it's $300, roundtrip, per person from Chicago and $200 roundtrip form Memphis, which includes two nights in the NOLA hotel and a VIP pass for both Chicago and NOLA shows. It's not cheap, but it isn't much for what you get, Amtrak tickets alone usually cost more. And it's more than worth it--I know none of us will ever forget this, and we're going even if no one wants to come with us. If you love our work, this is closer than it's ever been possible to get to us, more intimate and more special. We hope some of you will be able to come to the longest party in the country.

Go here for more information and to reserve your tickets.

After that, we'll be taking our tour, at long last, to the West Coast. We'll be hitting Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We're still trying to get venues (and crashspace in California) in those cities, so if you're on the Other Coast, speak up! Bookstores, concert halls, house concerts--we just need a place to stand and make our magic. (Especially Bay Area folk--it's been way to long since I've been home and we need help!)

Then home, just in time for me to turn 30.

So that's it. A truly nationwide tour. I hope you'll all be a part of it in one way or another. Come to dinner. Ride the train. Hear our voices.

We can't wait.

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