November 20th, 2008



I can't get over how much better Pattern Recognition is than anything else I've read by Gibson. While his ideas are always top-notch, to my mind, nothing comes close to the elegance of the writing in PR, the fascinating examinations of fashion and culture, the genuine sorrow and incredibly affecting nature of the solution.

And it's all about women.

Gibson does love the girl-is-hired-by-mysterious-rich-guy-to-find-some-crazy-thing plot. He loves it hardcore. But somehow in Pattern Recognition it comes together in such a subtle and beautiful way, with a richness to the character and prose that I've found nowhere else in his books.

I read Generation Loss the other day, as it is set on an island in Maine. It, too, was elegant and beautiful, deeply atmospheric, evocative of Place. I found myself slightly disappointed that all that beauty was put in service of a pretty mainstream serial killer plot, but it was certainly time well-spent, reading it. And that is a truly genius title.

The Love We Share Without Knowing
, zakbar 's new book, is...well, I hardly know how to talk about it. I wonder if anyone who hasn't been to Japan would love this book like I do, or even understand it on the same level. It dips into sentiment in places a little farther than I find comfortable, but that's a minor flaw in a deeply lovely, painful, intimate book. And the Sleeping Beauty retelling? Gorgeous. 

I spoiled myself and bought a bunch of books I'd been meaning to buy for ages on Amazon--The Silver Metal Lover, The Kappa Child, Infinite Jest, Generation Loss, The Manuscript Found in Saragossa, Kappa. I am a magpie with so much shiny.

I've had some pretty bad news this morning. Not sure I can talk about it yet--I'm sure the other people who need to know shouldn't find out from my blog. So far I feel kind of numb about it, and what it means for my future. But it's nice to read other people's wonderful works. Sometimes I think the weight of good books is vital to the continued rotation of the earth.
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Does anyone going to Arisia have room in their hotel room for a passionandsoul ?

He's coming with us to the con and needs crashspace. And is awesome.

Oh, and I'll be at Arisia. :)