November 14th, 2008


Bookish Randomness of the Day

Some of you may have already been friended by my book.

Do not be alarmed.

Palimpsest now has Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages. Fun things will be happening there--the book trailer, music, Facebook apps, and sneak peeks. So add them, and if they add you, in that mysterious, sexy way books have of sidling up to you on the internet, add them back. And remember if you message me on Twitter, but are not following me, I can't answer your questions directly.

The answer to the question: are you planning a launch near me? Is always: Sure, if enough people in that area make their desires known, I can manage most places.

The tour for this book, which has a Huge Surprise (hint: the surprise wears glasses) involved in it, will go something like: New York (multiple NYC events planned), Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, maybe Portland, ME if I have reason to think people would come, then a little later, when the weather is better, I will finally be on the West Coast! Seattle, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles. Maybe San Francisco since it's on the way and my old stomping grounds. Add into this all relevant conventions, including Montreal WorldCon.

It is also possible that I will be swinging through New Orleans, but that's a big if right now.

The book comes out on Mardi Gras (2/24/09). How cool is that?

If you do not find yourself in there anywhere, the way to get a stop on the tour is to get 10-20 of your friends to yell in my ear that you want me wherever you are.

With the exception of the UK. I've been asked several times about UK launches. Here's the thing: I would love to, I really would. And if I did something in London I think a lot of people would show. But the way to make that happen? Is to take up a collection for airfare. Sorry--it's just so expensive right now. And while I might be able to swing it for myself, my Surprise would need a ticket, too.

And that's that--is a big push for this book. It's one of those "if it's a hit, I still have a job, if not..." things. But also a hell of a lot of fun. And reading of sex scenes in front of strangers, because there is really no section of this book I could read that wouldn't hit a sex scene within about five minutes. Which means: this is NOT The Orphan's Tales show. Don't bring your kids.

ETA: Yes! Any kind of tie-in art is totally welcome and encouraged, as always. (See awesome icon by fireriven !) Check out the short story for early inspiration, and email me if you have questions! I'll probably be auctioning an ARC at some point soon as well. Multimedia for the win. And if you run any kind of craft, food, costuming, jewelry, whathaveyou business and want to do cross-promotion with me, I'm all ears.


In the department of Things I Forgot to Link to When They Happened, go listen to the podcast interview I gave to Jon Armstrong (who wrote the totally awesome Grey) at If You're Just Joining Us.

In odd, oblique, but surprisingly good news, I'm now working on an interactive project for American Greetings. I'm not allowed to say anything more, but truly, the internet is a fascinating place.

We're having our first guests tomorrow: naufiel  and mtolan  are coming up from Boston! Yay! We will endeavor not to be boring.

Lastly, I'm reading Infinite Jest and damn if that's not a good book.

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Dear LJ

Say you live in a village in northern Italy in 1816. You are reasonably well off for the standards of a northern Italian village in 1816, but not so well off that you've moved to the city or do not need to be concerned with the following.

How are you preserving fruit after the harvest? Are you making jam? If so, what are you using to store it, and how, exactly, are you making it? If not, what are you doing instead?

Coming from a modern girl who does not really understand pectin if it doesn't come in a pouch from the store.
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