November 7th, 2008


Kitchen Witch

As one of the surefire ways to make a house your own is to cook elaborately in it, I celebrated the unpacking of the kitchen last night by making caldo verde with crunchy bread and the newly-christened Halloweentown Ladies' Auxiliary Cookies--dark chocolate pecan butterscotch chip. Due to the almost black quality of chocolate and the yellow-orange butterscotch, the color scheme screams Halloween. I am suitably pleased with myself, not least for timing it all so that I could make cookies while the potatoes and sausage for the soup boiled.

I also unpacked the dining room, so we could eat at our big table with a shiny burgundy tablecloth. And wine glasses. Funny how unpacking makes you grateful for all the small things you own.

I can't wait to have guests to cook for! I feel vaguely ashamed turning out 48 cookies for the two of us. justbeast  is not ashamed, however. He noms.