October 30th, 2008


Slouching Towards the Finish Line

For people helping us move into our new home: we are meeting at the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal to catch the 2:15 to the island. So, round about 2 pm is the time to shoot for, earlier if you must, later at your peril.

The house is almost packed. It's all justbeast 's stuff that I don't have to wisdom to apportion to boxes now.

We'll be at the Meiers' Halloween at 6 tomorrow if you have any last minute goodbyes brewing. After their party is over, though, we're locked into a couple of last-time hugfests. The last time to see us will be Saturday morning at ours around 7-7:30 am for packing, or, if you want to skip the packing part and just show up for the easy stuff, at the Original Pancake House in Woodmere around 11. Ish. Call in advance.

So close!

Omikuji, barring crazy badness, should go out on time. We're folding like mad tonight. I don't want to make you all wait!

Also, for fun, here is the henna bec76 did for me: Tlingit orca and autumn leaves. Time to migrate!

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