October 24th, 2008


What Gives, RoboPrez?

For maybe the fourth or fifth time, not counting two door-to-door visits, I just got off the phone with the Obama campaign, having happily told them I would be voting for Our Guy.

I haven't gotten so much as a robocall from McCain.

Now, nothing, at this point, and certainly not Our Robot Overlords, would change my mind, but what gives, McDude? Ohio is spelled S-W-I-N-G-S-T-A-T-E,  so best shine up and represent, yo.

Or, you know, not. I'd be perfectly happy if your campaign would rather spend its time playing darts with Obama's photo (or young co-eds' faces) and twirling their gum rather than getting out the vote. I'm just surprised. I've voted in California in every election up till this one, and that's not a vote that counts much, as the state always goes Democrat. I was so looking forward to being a plum voter, my bodice coyly undone, hair whipping in the breeze, romanced by two very different men...

Sigh. No love for Cat the Writer.
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