October 21st, 2008

c is for cat

Hey Cats and Kittens...

View my new default icon, which I adore for many reasons. A small percentage of you might just understand why I looked at that image and said THAT HIPPO IS ME.


Moving on 11/1! Yes! Is happening. Hence no posting, for my life is a mess of boxes and allergies and sleeplessness right now. But--some logistics.


You are coming to our Ohio house on 11/1 to help us load Ye Olde Fuck Off Giante Trucke. Convening time is 7 am, to be followed by pancakes and small carousing.


You are meeting us at the Portland ferry station on 11/2 sometime around noon-1pm to help us get YOFOGT to the island and unload it into our wee cottage. To be followed by drinks at the island pub (The Cockeyed Gull OMG how awesome is that name?) and mediano carousing. We also need a volunteer to help us return said truck and play musical cars. What crashspace an entirely un-moved-into house can provide is available for overnighters. BYOAirMattress.

Also the goodbye party is still this Friday at khiron1416  and tiffania007 's house, because they are awesome and man am I looking forward to not being in our chaotic home for an evening! Food is potluck so please, um, bring some. And drink, though we'll have more of that supplied. This will be epic carousing.

I will be spending much of the next ten days frantically packing. My sinuses are not looking forward to it. I want to pare down our belongings a bit, so I'll post here if I'm shuffling off anything good.

Lastly, we're looking for something Halloweeny but deeply low-key to do the night before we leave, which is, of course, Halloween. If anyone has any plans they want to cut us in on, let us know. Anything costumed or hyperactive is right out, as we will be tired and our lives packed into a very small space.

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