September 12th, 2008


Mercury in StupidGrade

Well, that's awesome.

I'm stuck in Hawaii. Flight grounded, a huge mess. Everyone is trying to get new flights.

Because the plan was to drive to SalonCon after landing, we are sort of screwed. I'm trying to get diverted directly to Newark, and I hope that actually happens.

If it does, I will be there with no clothes, books to sell, no auction prize, no nothing but myself and my laptop. But I'd at least be there. At this point I have no idea how else to do it.

Would anyone be able to pick me up from the airport?

EDIT: Ok, got a flight to Newark. exceptionshift  is picking me up. justbeast  is flying home to get our things and driving to arrive on Saturday morning. Barring any other delays--fell gods of flight defend us--we will be there in one piece and I'll only be naked on Friday. Working on that.
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