September 1st, 2008


On Our Way

We're leaving around 4 am for 10 days in Hawaii (followed by three days in New Jersey/New York for Saloncon.

Books I am taking with me:

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
(recommended by sinboy , bought for me this evening by justbeast  because he is kind. Also, because he is awesome, yesterday made me a present of a giant Oxford English Dictionary. Best Boy on Earth? I think so.)

Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand
(I'm told part I of an incomplete duology. Grrr. Looking forward to this one, though I don't think anything of Delany's can touch me as much as Motion of Light on Water, which I adore. I really want more of his non-fiction. But man, he is the KING of titles. I yearn for that gift.)

Vurt (high-pressure recommendation by justbeast . I've tried it before and been put off by the Trainspotting-ness of the beginning, but I'm game for another go.)

Numbers in the Dark and Other Stories
, Italo Calvino (my own purchase at the Case Western Book Clearancey thing. Love Italo, can never get enough.)

Sideways, on audiobook. Bottle Shock left me wanting more wine pr0n.

Tried to find a paper copy of Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, but failed. No Doctorow this trip.

I'm considering a fifth physical book, as we have very, very long flights and I'm a fast reader. But I'm not sure. Will probably bring along Promethea as well, but that doesn't take long to read. Anyone have any recommendations for awesome novels I should read?

I've decided as I pack that I do want a Kindle. We fear change. It will never replace my library, but for travel it would be so great, and to load reference books onto it for work in cafes would be a tremendous asset and joy. So, I start saving my pennies, and hope the new generation one comes out soon.

We'll be watching the Season 1 finale of Life on Mars tonight--a show I like, mostly out of goodwill towards John Simm, but am ultimately bored by, as they really don't leave room for any other interpretation of events than "in a coma," and thus not only does nothing that happens really matter at all, but it boils down to a low-tech police procedural, which is not a genre I like. On the other hand, John Simm.

I'm a bit morose today--leftover bile from last night's political tantrum combined with rushing to finish all my work before leaving has left me a little flatlined. My diet leaves me unable to seek solace in chocolate. I can hardly believe we're going to Hawaii, it was so sudden and unexpected that the fact of it hasn't really hit me, and probably won't until I'm having pina coladas with abartelby  in Honolulu.

If anyone else lives in Hawaii or has recommendations for things we oughtn't miss, feel free to leave a comment. I plan to blog a lot while there, since we'll have internet, unlike in Jamaica. (Good GOD, I am a lucky girl.) So I'll see you all soon, with pictures and a mood improved by palm trees and neon-colored cocktails.
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