July 31st, 2008

wicked city


On Jeff Vandermeer's Blog, my piece for the day: How to Write a Novel in 30 Days.

In other news, Palimpsest is available for pre-order OMG! I had no idea, I was just messing around Amazon and there it was! Please to run over and pre-order it so that the ineffable powers that be know you want it! The short story is here, for a succinct way to know what the book is about. Hint: sexually-transmitted city. Made of awesome, that's all I'm saying.

Speaking of that, I need some help.

I need about ten people for a secret project. Please do not volunteer for this unless you are serious. The reward will be reading Palimpsest WAY before it comes out on February 24th, and, you know, service to Satan (is it's own reward).

I need at least two people on the West Coast and at least one drawing-type artist--preferably two. However, please do not let lack of arty talent keep you from volunteering! The majority of people just need to be devious and enthusiastic. Comment if you're interested!
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The Kunstkammer of Dr. Ampersand

Oh my god, you guys. This month's Omikuji Project story is SO AWESOME. It's all I can do not to start a novel out of it right the freak now. I'm so ridiculously pleased with my dead gay naturalist!

The lottery prize is pretty bitchin' too--I can barely stand you guys not knowing about it yet! *dances*
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