June 25th, 2008


In a Teapot

So, it's been crazy. After returning from Blue Heaven, which was really one too many workshops in a month, and I was exhausted throughout, despite everyone being lovely and hearing some rough but necessary things about my writing, I had to ensconce for a week and finish up the Palimpsest edits. For which there is now a cover, and it is teh hotness. I adore it.

I think I will have a wee Paolo Bacigalupi on my shoulder from here on out, pinching me whenever I use passive voice. Sigh.

I still have a ton more work to do, but I am trying not to neglect LJ. When I get to working I often cocoon--I'm not sure if it actually helps or not, but it's the natural reaction to an avalanche of deadlines.

So, a meme! Yes, because nothing says "committed blogger" like a meme.

Tell me a memory you have of us. Something that struck you, or stuck with you. If you haven't met me, make up a future memory. (Hint: everything's better with robots.)
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