June 9th, 2008


Blue Heaven

I'm here at the Blue Heaven workshop on Kelley's Island--which feels like home and also like away, as it's an island in Lake Erie. I get to spend another week hashing out literature in a beautiful place. And then six weeks of no commitments. Bliss.

Right now it's brutally hot and the lake is lovely, there are thunderstorms overhead and a lot of industry shop-talk, and I'm trying to relax into island life. Sometimes I want to live out here, and make jam for the winter, fish in the lake, cut firewood. Make books.

An exciting announcement is in the offing, probably I can tell you tomorrow. Today, I have four links of awesome:

A keyboard after which I and Toby Buckell lust

In the category of "my fans are the most wonderful of humans":

A song by cadhla inspired by My Name Is Might Have Been

The Girl and Her Tales--a classical piano piece inspired by The Orphan's Tales

The Skin Merchant--another gorgeous piano piece from The Orphan's Tales by Ivar Tryti

I look forward to a week of perch, Canadian beer, and SF. The summer is sweet, and smells of rain.
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