March 18th, 2008


Addendum the Second

I am spreadsheet, hear me roar!

Of the 42 (yea verily, I lol'd) people who have signed up so far, I have about 20 addresses. Paypal is showing no shipping address selected for those people. So I need you to email your address and username if you have not done so already to this email. I like all my spreadsheet columns to be filled in.

I'm heading over to the stationary store today to pick up lovely papers and wax, and scheming for this month's lottery gift. tithenai also had a great idea--dab a drop or two of BPAL under the wax so that there is an olfactory element--so for April, you will all get to sample the lemony goodness of the Yuki-Onna scent.

Also, I should mention--I did not promise that the accompanying art would be good. Eventually I hope to wrangle some guest artists, but for now you get CMV visual art. CMV does not have visual art talent, but she tries very hard. Part of the fun of this project is seeing bits of me naked, without the filter of fine, fine graphics departments and samurai-editors, and see the writer fall on her face when she tries something else. You can laugh at the art, it's ok. But it is sincerely attempted.

Back to organizing!
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