February 21st, 2008


Week in Review

Both massive fatigue and massive fun have kept me from LJ.

Firstly, Valentine's Day weekend, which we spent engaged in various activities: dancing at a fetish party at a downtown club, curled up watching romantic (mostly) movies, cooking, reading to each other, and ingesting enormous amounts of chocolate and pink champagne. Last Valentine's Day is pretty much impossible to top--a story for another time--but we just sank into the holiday and became ridiculously cute and goopy with love. Justbeast has always amazed me with his embrace of things other men would find sappy and stupid and dare one say "girly." He gave me a beautiful garnet necklace in the shape of a pomegranate, since the Persephone story is kind of a Thing with us, being full of illicit sex, stealing girls, and dark kingdoms. I made him (yes, made) an elaborate Venetian owl-mask, in honor of Chaucer having invented Valentine's Day more or less out of whole cloth in Parliament of Foules. (Hallmark, my ass.) We fully burrowed into the house and snow and had a wonderful time just being together, two birds having chosen their mates.

Scene from the festivities: Despite the above, when justbeast and I went to the rental store, even though it was his idea to rent a bunch of rom coms, (which are sorely lacking in the non-Netflix world, and I couldn't even find any of the John Hughes oeuvre) he came running up to me with a kung-fu movie in one hand and a zombie movie in the other, grinning like a kid.
Me: How male are you right now? You might as well be holding a penis in each hand.

Other scenes redacted on account of being too hawt for public consumption.

I also started my glassblowing classes this week, inspired by regyt and novalis. Part of my Real Girl Training (tm) is acquiring new skills, since I've more or less been putting things off since I was 18, with the result of being able to write and not much else at this point. So instead of staring at a blue screen for hours on end, I stared into an incandescent furnace.

My teacher cheerfully hauled the furnace doors open and announced: "Welcome to hell!"

But it's not hell, it's awesome. Superior Studio is in the most Clevelandy of Cleveland places, a big old barren brick building downtown, complete with with buttresses and urban blight. It's extremely industrial art, fire and torches and steel and glass. I was the only girl there, and I'm certainly glad I've been working out, because glass is incredibly heavy. And fascinating--pliable, like taffy, and golden and beautiful and I kind of just want to stare at it for a long time. Mesmerizing.

One of the things Mike, my glass sensei, said that struck me was that this is an art that no one is born good at. It's not like drawing or writing, no one really has natural talent. It's a skill that has to be learned, and you can learn quickly or slowly, but everyone starts out  equally inept. The aethetics of it come later, and there's some innateness to that, but this is an old fashioned apprentice thing, and you have to put in the time.

That appeals to me for some reason. Also, fire and glass appeals. Mythically satisfying, you know? I made a paperweight and two cups (pics when I have them back from the cooling down process) the last of which I'm really proud of, as I did it mostly by myself and it's blood red, shaped like an apple with the top cut off. Snow White, here I come!

I've also been working hard on theferrett and my new project, and a bit of freelance work. Some month off!

But it ends well, workwise--I just found out that my poem, The Seven Devils of Central California, will be reprinted in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror this year. That's the first time I've made it since my first chapbook publication a million and four years ago. And a poem, no less! to think I thought that one sucked.

Lastly, don't forget to vote in the Locus Poll this year--In the Cities of Coin and Spice is up for best fantasy novel!

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