February 14th, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day!

Expect a post shortly on the history of Valentine's Day--and it is NOT a Hallmark Holiday, you haterz, think Chaucer--and how me and mine spoiled each other ridiculously, shortly.

For the moment, I have a question.

How brave are you?

There's a lot of amazing things in that Valentine's Postbox meme I posted. And so many I think I have been cured of tender-age V-Day trauma in one stroke. But it's so very, very anonymous. And the heroes in Valhalla never raised a mead-stein to toast Anonymous.

So I say unto you: Be brave. Claim your number. I've saved the image as it stands now (see timestamp). Leave a comment with the number of your comment. Explain, or don't, as it suits you. All comments screened, and they will stay that way.

Curious Cats want to know.
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