January 21st, 2008


A Post of Great Import

On the way home from ConFusion, a conversation started in the car. A very stupid conversation about a very stupid idea.

Yet somehow, stupid piled on stupid until it became awesome, and then brilliant, and then Something We Have to Do. With the upshot that...

theferrettand I have decided to do a webcomic together.

Now, you all know you want to see theferrett  at the helm of another webcomic since Home on the Strange closed. And I swear to you, you want to see me do this. It's going to totally blow my classy, poetic cover. You want to see that.

And that, of course, brings us to the crux of all webcomics.

We need an artist. Stat. And artists are precious in the webcomics community, there are so many more writers than artists. But we have faith that the right one for us is out there.

We're looking for a dark, gritty style, for someone willing to at least do spot color if not a color comic, for someone eager, fun, professional, and fast. Some (small) payment is on the table here. It really helps if you have an utterly dorky sense of humor. Given the two authors, this is very likely to be an amazing source of exposure. It will also be a lot of work.

And we're looking to launch in three weeks.

I assure you that, despite its humble beginnings, this is an idea that needs to be born and pretty much needs to be born in the cultural now. If you are an artist and you are willing, please comment. If you know an artist, please show them this post. Cast the net, kids. We have strips planned and are ready to go. We know the story, beginning, middle, and end. We just need the pictures. We just need you.

Help us, Livejournal, you're our only hope.

* Don't worry, the novel is fine, we won't launch until after I turn it in. Invisible Games will also continue. I bite off more than I can chew, but I choke it all down one way or another.
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Oh, and should anyone receive an email from my friend Josh concerning my birthday in May, I assure you it is legit and responses are craved.