November 28th, 2007

perfect girls

All Aboard!

I have found a new cafe to work in--this is no mean feat, as the utterly inconvenient placement of coffee shops which will let a poor writer work around justbeast's office has been a plague on my house for almost a year now. The nearest Starbucks with seating is 25 minutes away, the local independents leave something to be desired in the way of good coffee and atmosphere, and I shun Caribou's.

But! You will not believe what I found!

I am sitting in a building that was once the Dover train station for the Nickelplate line. It was built in 1882 and is mostly intact and authentic, minus the espresso machines--I am currently ensconced in the "Freight Room" which is full of lovely old luggage and wooden tables, a polished old ticket cabinet, a weathervane, and two ceiling-height ladders. The window looks right out onto the expanse of Lake Erie, and most of the coffee is about $2 or so. I am in heaven. They even have a little English tea service!

It's the Coffee Station and it's in the Huntington Reservation, across from Huntington Beach on the West Side of Cleveland. And you should all go there regularly, because they are new and wee and if they close I will not get to write Palimpsest in a TRAIN STATION.

Oh yeah...did I mention there are biomechanical, sentient trains in Palimpsest?
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