November 26th, 2007

can't sleep

Back Across the Divide

Home. Exhausted. Delayed, predictably, at O'Hare until Oh-God-O-Clock, and thus slept away most of the day. Thanksgiving was wonderful, so was the family. Sounds funny to even say that, doesn't it? Holidays are supposed to be so much more stress than that.

Leaving Friday for the Big Orphanage Tour in an absurdly large van filled with art, so please no one forget to come to their choice of: Boston (December 1st, Pandemonium Books), Philadephia (December 2nd, yagathai's house), Williamsport, PA (December 3rd, The Coffee and Tea Room) or New York (December 4th, NYRSF reading at the South Street Seaport Museum) because it really sucks when no one shows for these things and s00j rocks too much to miss. All shows start at 7.

The artist page will be up tomorrow on the Orphan's Tales site, and you can all see the pretties.

Wouldn't it be nice to say I could flop over next week when I come home and become comatose on video games and cake? But no, the cake is a lie. It will be immediately to launch upon novel-scribing as quickly as possible.

In light of Amanda Palmer's recent entry, I keep thinking about how I assume I can rest at some point, and that there is a magical process, a way of doing, that will make all of this easy and pleasant. That I'm just doing it subtly wrong, and if I could figure out the right ritual, I wouldn't be so fricking tired all the time, flat of affect, or so addicted to procrastination.

Possible beer and jewelry are involved in this process. So I can be a Pretty Productive Princess.
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