October 31st, 2007


Notes Towards A Holistic Theory of Meh

First stop on the Blog Tour!

At the new Online Fantasy Magazine, ktempest interviews me about basically everything, ever.

Over at jimhines, I spout Ancient Greek and writerly advice.

In other news, I have a sparkly, clingy blue dress for WFC, and though it might be just a tad too fancy, I have always preferred to err on the side of fabulous.owlswater is safely ensconced at the house, and our Halloween promises to be full of movies and Magic games, possibly some mild candy-consumption. We leave for Saratoga in the morning!

And though I hate to say this, and though I really hate to say it so early, but, this being my busiest week of the year, Invisible Games will be having a dark week. We're deeply sorry, but it happens sometimes, and we will endeavor to make this the only time.

In the meantime, please enjoy invisiblegamers, a new community set up for any and all of you to use. We will not moderate except in cases of extreme abuse, it is your space entirely, use it as you like, for discussion, thoughts, speculation, etc.

See you next Thursday.
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