October 29th, 2007

c is for cat

Admin of Awesome

New invisiblegames up today:

In Soviet Russia, game play you.

There has been some discussion of the feed entries dropping off after awhile, therefore the comments dropping off, too--we were aware of this but didn't know if anyone would use the comments in the first place. Tell me--would you guys like a forum? Would you use it?

The party went off smashingly--we're working on getting the metric ton of photos up on the site, so stand by. Needless to say, the art was astonishing, s00j was so on it hurt, and you should definitely pick up Solace and Sorrow ASAP. Too little time with the Siren, but isn't that always the way?

If you missed the party, do try to come out to my Borders reading tomorrow night at 7 at the Cleveland Heights store--you know how mortifying it is when no one shows up to those things.

In the Cities of Coin and Spice comes out tomorrow! (And the Blog Tour starts--I still have a bit of room left on the itinerary if anyone is interested.) Are you excited yet? I'm...tired, and have slight indigestion. I think that reaction to a book release is called "being a writer."

owlswater also arrives tomorrow and then we are off to World Fantasy--keep your fingers crossed...

And then I get to be lazy again! w00000t.
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