October 15th, 2007

Invisible Gamer

Invisible Games

If you were to visit catherynnemvalente.com today, you would see that it has a brand-new index page with all sorts of new things on it. One of the coolest of those new things is Bibliomancy, which culls a random passage out of my books as a daily oracle.

But the coolest thing you will find there is a link. A link to a the project that ate my brain for the last few weeks. I am so excited about it I can barely sit still. I hope you will be excited, too. And, you know, tell all your friends. ;)

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This is a collaboration between justbeast and I, and will go on for a good long while. I have never collaborated with anyone before, but this has proceeded at breakneck speed. It may take awhile for you to see where we're going--though the title should twig at least some of you to the concept--but if you trust us, and walk with us into the dark, we will take you on a tour of a secret history and a secret future, and it will grow to be beautiful and complex and full of terrible longing. I can safely say I have never tried anything remotely like this before.

Though there will be graphics, this is not a webcomic.

Though there is fiction, this is not a novel.

Though there are rules, though there are rewards, though there are trials, this is not a game.

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