September 28th, 2007

c is for cat

You and me and kitty...and kitty and kitty and puppy and puppy...make 5.

So that kitten I mentioned?

Her new owner decided a kitten was too much for her to take care of, and the alternative was a shelter, and she was so sweet and wee...and totally sitting in my lap right now, rather pleased with herself for wrangling such a fine home. She is tiny and black and fuzzy, and comes pre-loaded with eating, drinking, and using the litterbox software. She also mews politely to be let up onto my lap and licks my whole face over from time to time. She was just roused from a nap spent in the crook between my neck and my shoulder.

Her name is Behemoth. Motya for short. We do not let her drink kerosene or swing on the chandelier.

She is the cutest thing and I'm completely in love. She slept between us last night, wrapped up in my hair. The pre-existing cats are not amused and the dogs are sad that yet another feline doesn't like them, and yes there are too many animals here but I'm a sucker.

There is a new lolcat in town.
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modern lit


If anyone wants to swing on by, Chris Barzak, author of the lovely recent release One for Sorrow, and I will be reading at Mac's Backs in Coventry tomorrow at 5 pm. It's part of the Coventry Crawl, so there's tons of great food and carnivally things to be had. I'll be reading from In the Cities of Coin and Spice, naturally.

See you there!
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