September 6th, 2007

prester john

While I Was Gone

Mike Deluca posted the first of the Interfictions readings on his blog, so you can hear part of A Dirge for Prester John here.

Kirkus gave me an awesome starred review--though full of spoilers. If you do not want to be spoiled for a whole bunch of things (though really only from the first book of the volume), do not look under the cut.

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There was also a lovely Q & A with me, interviewed by rosefox, in Publishers Weekly, where I crack jokes about dragons. I believe that's just in the hard copy, though.

And the latest issue of Forum has In the Night Garden with three Nebula recommendations. I believe one needs ten for a nomination, so if any SFWA members haven't sent theirs in yet...well, you know.

Is it really September already? Knock it off, time, I'm trying to get things done here. Not helped by the fact that I get so overwhelmed with how much there is to do and in what order one may do them most efficiently, I generally do nothing. Not helping, calendar!
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