August 31st, 2007


USA, We Hardly Missed Ye

Greetings from Alexandria Bay, NY! We've been on the Canadian side all week, making very little contact with anyone human, and growling at them when we happen to be so unfortunate as to see them.

Wireless provided by a lovely little shop which has many items for reasonable prices which will help in our quest to decorate our house like 19th century explorers, but with less manifest destiny and white man's burden.

My computer, Genevra (named, I am beginning to think, unwisely, for Fitzgerald's rich girl who wouldn't fuck him, thus giving birth to practically infinite iterations of her literary slander. See also: Daisy Buchanan) took a very deep breath and said: I AM GOING TO BREAK NOW!  and fainted dramatically.

In other words, many exciting things have gone wrong at once: it is no longer recognizing its own CD drive, the battery won't charge correctly, or register as charged when it does, thus resulting in various CRITICALBATTERYOMGIDIENOW messages every five minutes, and a constant high pitched whine, almost like a dog whistle, but the kind that we can hear. It's so awesome I could shoot the blasted machine in the face.

In pleasanter news, I have learned to snorkel, we found a shipwreck by dumb, amazing luck, and are having a wonderful time. Genevra may go overboard.

More posting on return! I hope everyone is well!
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