July 27th, 2007


Lady of the Lake

I'm off on the lake today to celebrate justbeast and my anniversary. It is supposed to be a bit stormy, so it should be interesting. I'm one of those people for whom birthdays and anniversaries are so important, so I'm terribly excited to get a real one of the latter, with a trip and everything, after all these years of general absenteeism.

But before I disappear--I've kept a little project under my hat. Many of you know what a huge fan of parrish_relics I am--I have four of her necklaces and I adore them. I probably wear them more than any of my other jewelry. So I was thrilled when she asked me to write a few pieces to accompany her work (and paid me in jewelry! Best deal ever). The first one is up now, to sit alongside a gorgeous necklace called Amphitrite's Arch. It's one of the more truly interstitial things I've done--I love both pieces individually, but together they make a work of art that neither could imagine on their own.

It is here, the necklace is for sale, along with a hard copy of the story. I'm very proud to work with this artist--and check out her jewelry in the new Harry Potter flick! So proud of you, Jen!

I found it so enjoyable to work this way, combining jewelry and fiction, and investing a beautiful object with meaning. The danger is how much it makes me adore the object! I hope more work like this comes my way, it's like playing dress up in the world's greatest attic.
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