July 25th, 2007


Everything but the Kitchen Sink OF DARK ARTS

Apologies for lack of posting--I've been under a wave of exhaustion and malaise. It will get better, soon, I think. Or I shall turn into a weeping newt and where will that leave my dogs?

And yes, I read the Dread Book--it was...lacking. I can't help but be shocked at the drop in quality after Azkaban--which is probably not coincidentally when the whole massive phenomenon kicked in. I hated the epilogue--and yes, she has the right to write whatever she likes, and I have the right to think it is flaccid storytelling.
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In other news of excitement, the Journal of Mythic Arts Summer Issue is now live, with my story La Serenissima--this is the one with the Slavic pirates I was nattering about oh so long ago. Much rejected, it finally has a home, in some pretty breathtaking company. Please do give her a read, I love this story quite a lot, for all its bumpy road.

And the Fall Issue? Well, I think it's ok to announce now that I, along with justbeast, whose fairy tale translations will appear in the issue, will be co-editing it alongside Midori and Terri, an honor for which we cannot thank them enough. The theme is Fantastic Geographies, and we are utterly thrilled to work on it.

Lastly, I will not be doing the Blogathon this weekend, as it is an anniversary of mine which I cannot miss, and this is much to my sadness, but shadesong is, and I highly encourage you to sponsor her, if you had any thought of sponsoring me.

I go to make more art in the basement. And burrow.
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