July 10th, 2007


Readercon the Eighteenth

Back from Readercon. Still exhausted. I barely slept through the whole con--the first day was a marathon 26 hours without sleep.

The Slipstream Canon went well, though I left thinking our list was neither slipstream nor a canon. I had about a million readings, all of which seemed to be well-received, including the first public reading of The Orphan's Tales Part Two: Electric Bugaloo. Readercon is great, though I hope for more unique programming next year. My suggestions? 2muchexposition and megmccarron's Infernokrusher and Other Bullshit Literary Movements panel and rosefox's Chapters: Why? panel.

Many friends were hugged and seen: naufiel, mtolan, rosefox and sinboy who let us stay with them because they are small but actual angels, shadesong and yendi, Dora Goss, drew_morse, time_shark, sovay...it goes on and on. I wish I could see all of them more. The best and worst thing about the internet is that one's social circle is extremely far flung.

I also won 2nd place in the Rhyslings with The Eight Legs of Grandmother Spider--thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to time_shark, who won his third award.

Also, m0usegrrl gifted me, via shadesong, with the most marvelous tea-painting called "Samovar" which has a smart be-ascoted dragon drinking out of a steampunk samovar, which I admired so at Arisia. I might have actually squeed for real. Thank you so so, much, Mouse!

The drive home was hellaciously long and grailquestion and I were both utterly wasted by the time we pulled into the home driveway. I did have many good novel ideas, however, as one does when staring at the same long, boring stretch of road for ten hours. I'm still not quite right in the head.

And thank all possible gods, the rest of my month is free. Sailing, geocaching, noveling, and a trip to San Diego in August, for the first time since I went to college there. Yay!

Lastly, I have decided to start up a weekly podcast through my site. This will probably start up soon, as we just need me, an index page, and a podcast page to make it happen. It'll be a piece to which I retain audio rights, short story or poem or novel excerpt, interspersed with more critical articles or musings, along the lines of the old Two Headed Cat column or my academic papers. Fun, yes?

I think I shall call it CatPod. Anyone out there want to whip me up a logo of a worried-looking cat strapped into a rocketing escape pod?

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