July 2nd, 2007


The Flip Side

Well, it was an emotionally and physically exhausting weekend. grailquestion is at safely her place in Lakewood, and justbeast and I spent the weekend rearranging the house so that her absence is not so conspicuous. The office is still a mess but everything else is so clean I could cry. It is strange how, like water, books and furniture flows back into the space a person leaves. Strange and frightening. I'm still a bit raw and unfocused, trying to deal with the newness of everything--I just didn't think it would be that different to have her gone. But it is, and I'm a little lost.

And that's all I'll say on a public journal.

Readercon is this weekend--here's hoping there will be books in the dealer's room--and grailquestion and I will be driving out Thursday night. I have to vote for the slipstream canon now, and am horrendously late doing so, but I think it's actually a good list. Better than Sterling's, anyhow. At least where Sterling's list was mostly "Books Bruce Doesn't Like Because Make Him Feel Funny" this is "Books We Like Because They Are Awesome." I have yet to come up with a slipstream definition that doesn't include "books I like."

The big news is that Urchins, While Swimming did win the Million Writers Award--thank you to everyone who read it and voted, and everyone who linked to it on their own journals. You guys are fantastic. Thank you also to Clarkesworld Magazine for publishing it and being such great people to work with. It feels kind of strange to have written an award-winning short story--I guess I have to stop saying I'm crap at short stories now. I've also been told that this is the second year a genre story has beaten a mainstream story, so...go Team Genre?

Post-publication, I'd like to dedicate, though she will never see this, Urchins to justbeast's mother, Tanya, whose stories around the dinner table inspired much of Kseniya's history.

Lastly, spoiler-free, I'll just say Doctor Who this weekend was the stupidest, most disappointing season finale of a show I have ever seen. Good god, RTD. Don't you read books or watch television or have any way to gain a  sense of what sucks and what doesn't?
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Oh, and also, Farrago's Wainscot has published its summer issue, where you can find three poems of mine--one Rapunzel veggie-tale, one epic California history, now with 60% more demonic influence, and the Baba Yaga poem that was read at the Wiscon Yaga panel, if you were curious to read the whole thing.

All here.
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