June 28th, 2007


Spiders Are Kind of Naturally Emo, Right?

Busy day: Planescape tonight, and hopefully I can get some work done during the day, though errands threaten to eat a good deal of time. Possibly more boat tomorrow. s00j will be gone by the time I return home at the ungodly hour that Planescape usually goes to--I shall miss her, until October, when The Orphan's Tales comes out and we go on our mini-tour together. (Have added, pending space, Ann Arbor, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and New Haven to our voyage)

Before I jaunt off for the day, I would like to ask you one last time to please consider voting for my story, Urchins, While Swimming, for the Million Writers Contest. At the moment it is in third place by a pretty large margin with two days left in voting. I think it's a really good story, one of my best, (certainly my best that is not metamorphosing into a novel) from a really stellar new publication, and it would be great if it were recognized somehow. If you haven't voted yet, you have till Saturday.

So--the story is here.

Vote here.

Spread the links around.


And now for the Real World.

Also, Spiderman 3 sucked. Damn, it sucked so much.
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