June 26th, 2007



Yay! s00j is coming today! I think we only get her for one day, but I can't wait. She makes everything just that much better. Also sings us pretty songs and my head is all filled with her voice for days after.

But this means I must tidy the house instead of working. Unfortunately I have been reading Doctor Who commentary instead of doing either, which means I am lame. But the new episode was pretty damn awesome, and fan speculation leaves me both anticipating and dreading next week.

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Well, that got a little long. At any rate, s00j. And cleaning. Yeah...should get on that. At least I can do it in style--grailquestion bought me some pretty go-go girl dresses yesterday and they all but scream for me to own a pair of white vinyl boots. Sigh. The siren call of boots is hard to resist. I clean in short skirts, but bare feet.
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